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Welcome to WEHA WASHES

Your Local Mobile Car Detailing Business


Our detailing process has been perfected on over 450 cars


Our comprehensive services cover both interior and exterior car detailing. From thorough vacuuming and stain removal to meticulous cleaning of the dashboard, door frames, and windows, we leave no corner untouched. For the exterior, we provide hand-washed treatments that rejuvenate your vehicle's appearance, paying attention to every surface, including wheel cleaning. And for those seeking an elevated experience, our Full Detail include professional waxing with a ceramic coating, ensuring long-lasting protection and a stunning shine.


Our Pricing



$80 - Coupe

$90 - Sedan

$100 - Small SUV

$110 - Medium SUV

$120 - Large SUV, Minivan, Truck


Full Detail

$120 - Coupe

$130 - Sedan

$140 - Small SUV

$150 - Medium SUV

$160 - Large SUV, Minivan, Truck


Neighborhood Car Detailing Service for 5 Years

Welcome to Weha Washes, where we bring a new level of excellence to mobile car detailing. We are a team of dedicated college students who have combined our passion for cars with our unwavering work ethic to create a one-of-a-kind car detailing experience.

What sets us apart is our fully mobile service. We bring all the necessary equipment directly to your driveway, giving you the convenience of getting your cars washed and detailed without ever leaving the comfort of your own home. No more wasting time at traditional car washes or detailing centers. We prioritize our customers' busy schedules and ensure a hassle-free experience.

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